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What is SmartBuild Asia?

SmartBuild Asia is the leading business intelligence platform for the construction industry in Singapore and beyond. It assists you to find the right business partners, or to know about the latest projects & tenders. There is a lot of data with SmartBuild Asia!

Customer Testimonial

Thanks to SmartBuild Asia, Rory Cavner - General Manager at Corkjoint Singapore - got a 300% return investment within three months. Rory made a great choice. Do the same, and join SmartBuild Asia!

How can I edit my company profile?

Make your partners find you: fill your own profile and start building success!

How can I sign up to SmartBuild Asia?

First step to glory: subscribe to SmartBuild Asia and take control of your business!

How to login to SmartBuild Asia?

Logging to your account is very important to enjoy the full benefits of your subscriptions

What I should do first reaching my profile?

Here are the few actions you should be doing when reaching your profile for the first time: add & edit information about your company! The more information, the more visible your company will be!

How to search for information about 15,000+ construction projects in Singapore?

Find all the information you need about 15,000+ ongoing and recently completed construction projects in Singapore!

How to find the right company on SmartBuild Asia?

SmartBuild Asia made it easy to find the right company: simply type what you are looking for and refine your search with the many available filters!

What are Products and Services?

Become the top ranked construction company by giving more information about your activity! Upload the Products and Services you provide, and let your future partners find you!

What can I see about 40,000+ companies?

SYou can see a lot of 40,000+ companies: BCA licenses, certifications, awards, projects, financials...

How can I share my products and services?

Adding details about Products & Services has been made easy by SmartBuild Asia: just write what you are doing, upload documents and videos and you are done!