Singapore is identified as the most promising Smart Nation in the world.

As Prime Minister Lee puts it forward, Singapore is a “connected island and forward-looking country” and its population “understands technology with a view to taking advantage of it”.

Smart Initiatives are going viral in numerous fields and provide citizens with astonishing assets. SmartNation website gathers some of them.

The construction industry also needs to operate smart and data is one of the best ways to do this.

Smart Nation Singapore

Based on interviews and discussions, it seems that the construction industry is known to be 'traditional', meaning that word-of-mouth is the best tool to get to know other people and to take decisions.

We believe that the construction industry could benefit so much from a more extensive usage of new technologies and relevant data. That would lead meaningful and fulfilled lives.

As explained by the government of Singapore, a Smart Nation harnesses the power of networks, data and info-comm technologies to improve living, create economic opportunity and build a closer community.

What would make the construction industry a Smart Industry in Singapore?

Based on our analysis and discussions, we have identified four fundamental needs within Singapore's construction industry to turn into a Smart Industry.

  • A need to gather the tremendous amount of data on construction companies

  • A need to be efficient and sustainable

  • A need to be on the top of the Internet of Things

  • A need to smooth construction's stakeholders procurement work

  • A need to gather the tremendous amount of data on construction companies

    Data is available, however its amount is huge and scattered accross the web. It can be painful and time consuming for companies to get access to them. Gathering all the available information is the first step towards Smartness.

  • A need to be efficient and sustainable

    Once data sources are identified, the right tools need to be offered and used to ensure efficiency & accuracy of the shown data. Better-informed decisions should be taken based on data, hence a need to quickly and efficiently reach to the right data.

    Choosing the right business partners and the right materials to make construction works sustainable is of primary importance in our today's and tomorrow's world

  • A need to be on the top of the Internet of Things

    Companies need to be able to quickly showcase their capabilities.

    Awards, licenses, products, financials, past projects and all the other assets that make construction companies attractive should be showcased to attract new business partners.

  • A need for better connection and sharing across the industry

    New construction companies are appearing, others are disappearing in a fast turnaround. It is important for the procurement teams and directors to keep up-to-date knowledge about who is doing what.

    A well-connected Smart Industry would allow a smooth transfer of information, allowing everyone to be informed about the latest news & companies in a given market.

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