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SmartBuild Asia provides you the most extensive database of construction projects in Singapore. It includes project name & descriptions, address, lots, type, stage and key stakeholders.

Up to 8 important dates are given per project: PP (Provisional Permission), WP (Written Permission), Building Plan Approval date, Permit to Commence Works, TOP, CSC, etc.

Find key project stakeholders and their contact details

Find the key stakeholders on every project
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For each project, SmartBuild Asia lists the key stakeholders and their contact details: architect, developer, CS/M&E consultants/engineer, main-contractor, sub-contractors...

SmartBuild Asia is the only place in Singapore where all construction projects are gathered. Leverage such richness to find the best projects!

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SmartBuild Asia provides many filters: type, stage, 6 dates, estimated/actual value, size to help you find the right projects.

Once narrowed-down, you can save your search results to keep track of these projects. Automatic notifications will be sent to you.

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You want to get access to 16,000+ ongoing projects & tenders in Singapore with their full details?

SmartBuild Asia would advise you to subscribe to its 'Project & Tenders' package and get access to: project & tender details, all stakeholders, 10+ filters, bookmarks...