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Growing Business by accessing 16,000+ Projects & Tenders with their details

SmartBuild Asia helps all contractors get detailed information about 16,000+ ongoing construction projects and open tenders in Singapore. On top of their location, stage and types, SmartBuild Asia uniquely shares all important dates: Building Plan Approval, Structural Panel, TOP, CSC but also PP (Provisional Permission) and WP (Written Permission).
The names of the architect, developer, CS/M&E consultants as well those of all contractors are shared.

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Helping construction contractors perform early due diligence

Our system offers the right features for contractors who want to run early due diligences: all the data about each company in Singapore is gathered and aggregated on company profiles.
Procurement teams can easily run an assessment between two and more companies and decide which ones to invite to their coming tenders. Having the right construction supplier can mean the difference between on-time and under-budget and a disaster.

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Raising contractors’ procurement standards

Selecting the right companies to work with is not easy. Screening hundreds of companies is part of the daily work of procurement managers for contractors. They want to ensure their list of preferred vendors & suppliers remain up-to-date and as accurate as possible. SmartBuild Asia can help medium- and large-size construction contractors in Singapore to beef up their procurement standards.

SmartBuild Asia is proud to work with some of the most famous construction contractors in Singapore

You are a construction contractor and want to grow your revenues?

SmartBuild Asia has the solution! Get its Projects & Tenders package: it includes access to all projects & tenders, their details and many more features.